Meet the Staff



   Jeffrey Bunting

Jeff Bunting built a multi-million dollar E-commerce business without ever touching any inventory in under 2 years at 21 years old. Now he lives in a penthouse and drives an R8 and Gwagon in Irvine. Jeff was featured by Tai Lopez, one of the top digital entrepreneurs in the world, for making $90,000 net profit in a single month from his drop-shipping business.



  Nick Fitzgerald  

I started in ecommerce around 18 years old as I ran an online eBay store for a large Company. It was at this Company that I learned the basics of SEO and managing an eBay business. Throughout the years I have sold thousands of items online through eBay and other platforms, but eBay has always managed to surpass other platforms. The reason I feel eBay is the strongest platform is because the size of the audience and buyers you can sell to is infinite and eBay allows us, the sellers, to have an extremely diverse amount of products.


Christopher Orero

Previously worked for the department of homeland security and was involved in Network Administration prior to starting an online business. With no previous knowledge or skills of online business, Chris was able to build a successful e-commerce store using this drop shipping business model and support community as a foundation to become self-employed and use the skills gained to help new students who are starting on the same path. Chris has been dropshipping on Ebay for just under a year and aspires to keep growing and coaching new students to reach similar results even faster.





Steven Burrell

Steven’s E-commerce experience began as a student of DS Mastery. He immediately saw the value in the information at hand and quickly began earning a real income. Through the process of learning the system, he became a master of SEO and product sourcing. As a result, he now has a pool of information and strategies to help other students grow their E-commerce business and help them achieve the same success he has. Teaching the other students within DS Mastery has been a rewarding and educational experience driving Steven to develop in new ways and expanded his reach in the E-Commerce space. He now has successful storefronts on both eBay and Amazon. 


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